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Tvøroyri is located around the large inlet of Trongisvágsfjørður. Tvøroyri is the largest municipality on Suðuroy, made up of the villages of Froðba, Tvøroyri, Trongisvágur, Ørðavíkarlíð and Ørðavík. Tvøroyri is the main port of Suðuroy, connecting the island to the other islands of the Faroe Islands, by ferry and helicopter. In Tvøroyri you can find most of the public institutions on the island like the islands hospital, pharmacy, post office, etc.

The main village of Tvøroyri is considered to be founded in 1836, when the Royal Danish Monopoly Trading Station was founded on a small tongue of land, called Tvøroyri. In a short span of years, Tvøroyri grew into a large village, mainly after 1856 when the monopoly state of the store was abolished. Around the turn of the 20th century, Tvøroyri was one of the largest towns in the Faroe Islands and one of the main fishing industries.

Today, the smaller villages around Trongisvágsfjørður have grown together with Tvøroyri, and together form the municipality of Tvøroyri.

Tvøroyri also features a village museum, called Tvøroyrar Bygda- og Sjósavn (Tvøroyrar Village and Maritime Museum). The Museum is on Doktaragøta (street), near the harbour in the old Doktarahús (Doctor’s House). The house used to be the town hall, before becoming a museum. On Tvøroyri there is a gallery, named Gallarí Oyggin. The gallery has changing exhibitions featuring Faroese and Nordic artists, as well as a fixed exhibition, featuring the works of Palle Julsgart. In the garden outside, and the area across from the gallery, many of his sculptures can be seen. The culture house SALT is also located in Tvøroyri. SALT has several concerts as well as art exhibitions and theatre performances throughout the year. You can read more about SALT here.

It is possible to walk from Tvøroyri to Hvannhagi. The place is secluded, and therefore only reachable by foot. Normally you would walk from the west side of Ovara Vegi (road) in Tvøroyri, where you would follow a path north across the mountain. Hvannhagi is thought to be the best spot in the Faroe Islands for a national park. Hvannahagi has a rare geological landscape, featuring diverse fauna and flora. Hvannahagi is a distinctive and beautiful natural habitat.

It is only possible to reach Hvannahagi from two places. When taking the eastern path, there is a great view to the north of the islands Lítla and Stóra Dímun.

-- Visit Suðuroy--


In order to get to Suðuroy, you need to take the ferry Smyril, which has several daily departures from Tórshavn. The sailing time is 2 hours and the trip is an experience on its own.

On your way to Suðuroy, you pass one third of all of the islands of the Faroes. This gives you the opportunity to explore all of their differences in shapes and sizes as well as enjoying the fresh sea breeze and the rich birdlife surrounding the islands. The ferry arrives in Krambatangi, which is across the fjord from the beautiful town of Tvøroyri where ARA Tours is located.

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