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Hvannhagi ARA Tours

Hvannhagi guided tour

Hvannhagi is one of the most beautiful and unique natural jewels of Suðuroy, with a protected lake cradled beneath an impressive wall of rock. It's one of the Faroe Islands' most impressive natural features, from both above and below.

This is a fantastic hike that takes 2-3 hours and offers breathtaking views. Hvannhagi has been a popular destination for families and travelers coming to Suðuroy for generations.

We will pick you up at 10:00 from your hotel or the ferry terminal.

We are flexible and can adjust the trip as needed.

Nepalese experts traveled thousands of kilometers to build stone stairs in Hvannhagi. The four Sherpas used their raw strength and precision, along with simple tools such as hammers, chisels, and pickaxes, to construct the stairs from local basalt rock.

The stairs make the steep descent from "Grindin" much safer and easier. We will be walking on the stairs on our way to Hvannhagi, and you will be amazed by the construction performed by the Nepalese experts.

Sherpa stone stairs

Rituskor & Ásmundarstakkur: A Guided Tour to the Faroe Islands' Natural Wonders

Ásmundarstakkur is a towering sea stack off the west coast of Sandvík. Surrounded by vertical cliffs and high mountains up to 350 meters tall, Ásmundarstakkur is a sight to behold.

The hike to Rituskor, a nearby bird cliff, is truly unique. Crossing the bridge over the chasm between the two cliffs is an unforgettable experience, and the views from Rituskor are simply breathtaking.

The scenery in Rituskor is peaceful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. This 2-3 hour hike is a must-do for anyone visiting Suðuroy.

We will pick you up at 10:00 from your hotel or the ferry terminal. We are flexible and can adjust the trip as needed.


We recommend that you dress according to the weather. Time spent on the trip depends on the destination, but the normal duration is between 2-4 hours.

We us to say, Expect the unexpected. This may be the most important advice when packing for an outdoor adventure. Regardless of the season and the weather when you set off, remember that the weather can change quickly.

Rituskor ARA Tours

A short hike into the Faroese mountains rewards you with awe-inspiring views of jagged peaks and the disheveled surface of the ocean. One of the many special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don't have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature. It's all right there, all around you. Just take a few steps, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the sound of the wind and the waves.

A guided hike is a great way to experience the Faroe Islands with a local guide who can share their knowledge and stories about the land and its people.

"Show you care, don’t pollute the air"

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