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Lopranseidi ARA Tours

Tour Highlights

"Suðuroy is a dream destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities. It is an exceptional place to travel in because there is no need to go far to experience outstanding and unspoiled nature" 

Basalt collums ARA Tours

Basalt Columns

Natural wonders of the Basalt Columns in Froðba, these enormous rock columns result from the cooling of the lava and subsequent contraction of the rock. This leads to squared, pentagonal, hexagonal, or heptagonal-shaped columns.

ARA Tours boat house

Old Boat builder house

The Faroese boat is the utmost creation of Faroese handicraft. The Faroese boat has had immense importance for living conditions in the Faroe Islands. It has been used for fishing, fowling, whale hunting, in agriculture and for transportation between the islands.


Hol í Helli

Hol í Helli, which means Hole in the Cliff, it is just below the finger shaped part of the mountain, which is called Froðbiarnípa. The view is truly magnificent.

Northern part of Suðuroy



Fiskieiði also called Hvalbiareiði from where boats were fishing during eastly winds.

Eiði is the Faroese word for Isthmus



Norðbergseiði with the stunning view



Sandvík the northernmost village of the island known as

"Sandy Bay" and its stories from the Viking age.

Southern part of Suðuroy



Vágseiði in the village of Vágur was the access to the fishing grounds west of Suðuroy. This place is known for its breathtaking cliffs and rocky reefs



Eggjarnar is one of the most impressive nature attractions on the islands Suðuroy with a scenic viewpoint on the west coast, at over 200 meters above sea level.



Lopranseiði is a beautiful and quiet place. There is a fantastic view towards the west coast of Suðuroy and the birdcliff Beinisvord. Lopransholmur is just west of Lopranseiði, here we will se Puffins during summer time.


Pollurin in Sumba

Sumba is the southernmost village of the Faroe Islands. We will stop at the harbor where the view is stunning

Akraberg ARA Tours

The Light house

Akraberg the southernmost point of Suðuroy, here we will go and see the Akraberg Lighthouse.

Beinisvørð, ARA Tours


Beinisvørð the second-highest bird cliff in the Faroe Islands and the highest in Suðuroy with its 469 meters the view is breathtaking.

Beinisvørð ARA Tours

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