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West side of Suderoy

Central to everything we do is the desire to effect positive change and enrich the lives of those we encounter along the way. We do this because we feel it’s the right thing to do and because we believe travel is a far more enjoyable and rewarding experience when you know your trip is directly benefiting others. We do what we can to make it easier for you to travel in a way that you know positively contributes to the people and place you visit.

We want to maintain a high level of guest satisfaction to ensure a meaningful experience on our beloved island, by raising their awareness about sustainability. 

Ansgar & Armgard Sørensen

Armgarð and Ansgar Sørensen

Our love of travel, and passion for adventure and the great outdoors led us to investigate potential tourism ideas back in 2018. We realized that there was an opportunity to offer small, personal, guided group tours on our lovely Island

ARA Tours was founded in 2019 by me together with my sister Anita and brother Ragnar. Herby by the name ARA. As Suðuroy is probably the most unique island in the Faroe Island due to its easily accessible nature and it is easy to come around, we felt there was a space to create a unique travel experiences. Our concept is carefully crafted to ensure that our guests get to see the very best of the place we call home.

On the daily it is my wife Armgarð and I who is running ARA Tours where I am the tour guide and my wife is the anchor and my support. When I am not working as a tour guide I am a freelance Captain on vessels in the Northsea. My wife if working as an accountant.

 Ansgar Sørensen  Co-founder of ARA Tours

About us

“Welcome to green tourism on Suðuroy”

One of Europe's last undiscovered destinations, the Faroe Islands live up to their slogan: untouched, unexplored, and unbelievable. It feels unlike any other place in Europe”

----- Ema Rig -

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